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Seniors/Youth Business Enterprise Network

M-RON Inc. has now taken the initiative to develop partnerships with seniors, seniors organizations, and youth in the area. By helping seniors and youth come together in the spirit of sharing, giving, and partnering, we can make a difference to their lives and the quality of life for all. In particular, our rural communities can benefit from the value of what both groups have to offer.

Visit online at http://seniors.aroundthebay.ca

Baccalieu Business Database Online

Business DatabaseComprehensive source of business contact information for the Baccalieu Trail is now online. Extensive search features to find the information you need. Click here to access.

Carbonear Island Development Strategy

In 2003, Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc. (M-RON) signed an agreement with Facilities Design Group Inc., in association with SGE Acres Limited, to prepare a comprehensive tourism destination development strategy for Carbonear Island and the surrounding area.

Click here for a copy of the Carbonear Island Development Strategy.
Click here for a copy of the Carbonear Island Archival Research Project.


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Did you Know?

"The first Cod Fish Hatchery in Newfoundland is located on Dildo Island and operated between 1889 and 1897."


Atlantic Lotto


"Heavy Sea"

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