Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc. (M-RON Inc.) is the Regional Economic Development Board for the Baccalieu Trail - Zone 17. Through partnerships, M-RON Inc. works to improve and sustain rural life for residents living in the seventy-one (71) communities in the Zone. M-RON Inc. works to identify issues and opportunities that enhance that way of life.

M-RON Inc. has been proactive in addressing issues that relate to youth and seniors in the region. As a result of several forums and a series of youth round table discussions held this past year, key issues concerning youth and seniors have surfaced.

M-RON Inc. has now taken the initiative to develop partnerships with seniors, seniors organizations, and youth in the area. By helping seniors and youth come together in the spirit of sharing, giving, and partnering, we can make a difference to their lives and the quality of life for all. In particular, our rural communities can benefit from the value of what both groups have to offer.

In an effort to create a strong partnership with business people in the area, M-RON Inc. is in the process of establishing a Seniors/Youth Business Mentorship Network in Zone 17. The main beneficiaries of this Network will be senior and youth populations of the community. It is anticipated that this will bridge the gap between seniors and youth and offer an opportunity for sharing life skills and experiences.