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Whale Watch

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most spectacular whale-watching platforms in the world. Twenty-two species of whales swim regularly along our coast, Whales and Icebergs are a common site. The most numerous species are the  Humpback (11-13m long), Minke (7-8 m long), Pothead (4.5-6m long), Fin ( 18-23 m long), Sperm (10-15m long), Blue (21-28 m long), Killer (7-10 m long), and the Right whale.

Other species of whales commonly seen are the White-beaked and White-sided Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises.


Take a Boat Tour Today!

Dildo Island Tours 
Take a tour of Trinity Bay aboard the Heritage Explorer with ex-whaler Gerald Smith who will interpret the history of the region as he escorts you to Dildo Island, once the site of a Dorset Eskimo village and a fish hatchery. Enjoy a boil-up of traditional Newfoundland fare and hopefully, get an up close perspective of bald eagles, whales and other wildlife, as you marvel at the breathtaking vistas. 
Tel: 709 582-2687 Fax: 709 596-3474 
Directions: Route 80 
Address: Dildo Island Tours Dildo, Trinity Bay NF A0B 1P0 

Great Easton Boat Tours 
Spend 2 hours touring historic Harbour Grace and Carbonear - learn of Pirate Peter Easton's Fort, the Love & Larceny surrounding kidnapped Irish princess Sheila NaGeira, and experience Newfoundland history & culture, coastal beauty, birds, whales and icebergs (in season). 
Tel: 709 596-2172 Fax: 709 596-3474 
Directions: Baccalieu Trail - Route 70 - 20 miles from Trans Canada Exit 
Address: Harbour Grace Marina Harbour Grace NF A0A 3P0 



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