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Local Benefits
Consulting Team
Carbonear Island Development Strategy:
The Time Has Come  


The consulting team is made up of experienced multi-disciplinary people:
  • Site Planners
  • Tourism Consultants
  • Researchers
  • Archaeologists
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Project Managers

The team has a balance of sector contacts, consultation and evaluation skills, and implementation experience. In addition it has a sound working knowledge of the major potential growth markets for the Carbonear area in Atlantic Canada, Central Canada, the United States and Europe. The team understands the desires and expectations of various levels of government and local interest groups toward future tourism development in the local area. 

The Project Managers are also experienced in the management of multi-disciplinary teams, and knowledgeable about the development and market realities of the Island.


Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc.

27 Goff Avenue
Carbonear, NF    A1Y 1B9
Tel: (709) 596-6217
Fax: (709) 596-4473
Email: [email protected]


Newfoundland Time: 11/12/2020 5:17:05 PM

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