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Carbonear Island Development Strategy

In 2003, Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc. were successful in acquiring funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Association to prepare a comprehensive tourism destination development strategy for Carbonear Island and surrounding area.

M-RON Inc. through their Chief Executive Officer, George Parsons, immediately proceeded to develop the Carbonear Island Advisory Committee to oversee the completion of the development strategy. This committee was chaired by the late Mayor Claude Garland and included the following committee members, Cynthia Davis � Town Administrator for the Town of Carbonear, Marie Claire Bidaud � L'association Francophone De Saint Jean; Bill Gilbert and Chris Rolton of the Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation; Bert Parsons of the Carbonear Heritage Society; Jim Callahan of the Baccalieu Trail Tourism Association and Marg Coombs � Project Coordinator.

Proposals were requested in April 2003 and in October 2003, Facilities Design Group Inc. were engaged to prepare a comprehensive tourism destination development strategy to enhance efforts to develop Carbonear Island and surrounding area. The Facilities Design Team, in concert with the Carbonear Island Development Strategy Advisory Committee, were to prepare a realistic and achievable Development Strategy to build critical investments, current strengths and untapped tourism opportunities surrounding the historic site of Carbonear Island.

Click on either of the links to access the Carbonear Island Final Report, and also the Archival Research, both available in PDF format.  By right clicking and selecting "save as" you can download a copy to your computer, or by simply clicking a copy will open in your browser.  Either will take several minutes.

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