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 Baccalieu Trail


Acronyms used on this page:
Regional Economic Development Board = RED Board
Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc. = M-RON Inc.


The federal and provincial governments have worked in cooperation to establish 20 RED Boards for each of the Economic Zones in Newfoundland and Labrador. The primary objective of these boards is the maximization of the social and economic potential within their zones through the establishment and implementation of strategic regional economic plans.

M-RON Inc. is the RED Board for Zone 17, which encompasses the Bay de Verde peninsula and stretches from Whitbourne to Grates Cove on the Trinity Bay Shore and from Georgetown to Grates Cove on the Conception Bay Shore. Zone 17 is more commonly known as the Baccalieu Trail. As the Baccalieu Trail Youth Council is a subcommittee of M-RON Inc., it likewise serves the Baccalieu Trail.

The following is a map of the region:


The Baccalieu Trail

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