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Hant's Harbour, New Chelsea, Brownsdale, New Melbourne, Sibley's Cove
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Hant's Harbour, New Chelsea , New Melbourne,
Brownsdale, Sibley's Cove

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Hant's Harbour

Sites of Interest
Hant’s Harbour Lighthouse
Willow Tree Heritage Site
Willow Tree Heritage Museum
Heritage Stage Head Fishing Premises

Hant's Harbour Towards the Lighthouse

Hant's Harbour, a well known fishing community, opened the first crab processing plant in Newfoundland in 1967. The Willow Tree Heritage Site is the burial grounds of the crew of the ship Fanny which was wrecked near Hant's Harbour in 1835.

Willow Tree Stage Fishing Premises
Heritage Foundation of NF and Labrador

The Heritage Willow Tree Stage Fishing Premises was constructed around 1904 and used by fishermen for many years.

New Chelsea

Salt Box Houses in New Chelsea

New Chelsea is a small, yet scenic, fishing community on the shore of Trinity Bay.

New Chelsea

New Melbourne

Iceberg off Beach, New Melbourne

New Melbourne is another small fishing community with an attractive beach.

New Melbourne Beach


Brownsdale has a number of older buildings such as root cellars and barns.


Sibley's Cove

Sites of Interest
Community Heritage House Lifestyle Museum

The Lifestyle Museum has guided tours with guides dressed in period costumes. They explain the lifestyle of a fishing community in the 1930s.

Sibley's Cove Lifestyle Museum

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