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View of Cupids
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Major Events
Cuper’s Cove Soiree - 3rd Weekend in July

Cupids is one of the most significant historic sites in North America. Cupids was settled in 1610 by John Guy. It is the oldest official English colony in Canada and the second oldest English colony in North America.

In 1612, an additional group of colonists, including women, arrived. Colonist Henry Crout recorded the birth (March 27, 2021) of a child to Nicholas Guie and his wife. This birth is the first recorded birth of an English child in Canada.

John Guy built two ships to explore in order to establish relations with the Native Beothuk population. He established contact with Beothuks in 1612.

Drawing of Beothuck Canoe by John Guy

Archaeological Dig

In 1995, archaeologist Bill Gilbert and his team began preliminary excavation of a site in Cupids, which is the location of John Guy's settlement. Since that time, digging has revealed a fireplace and building foundations plus about 100,000 artifacts dating back to the early 1600's. Recent discoveries are an almost complete Westerwald drinking cup and a silver coin from the reign of Charles II.

Westerwald Drinking Cup 1660-1700
Photo: Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation

The Cupids Museum and Archaeology Lab display some artifacts found at the ongoing archaeological project and guided tours are available.

Archaeological Dig

In addition, the Cupids Museum displays items from life in a fishing and farming community. Exhibits include a postal history of Newfoundland and an exhibit of school-days in Cupids and Newfoundland called 'Present, Miss'.

To celebrate Cupids' 300th anniversary in 1910 the second largest Union Jack in the British Empire flew for the first time. The original flag site has been restored and a replacement flag flies on weekends and special occasions. The original flag is on display at the museum.

Cupids Museum

A fascinating link between Cupids and the Pilgrim Fathers is provided by the Patuxet Indian, Squanto. Squanto, who lived in the Cupids colony in 1618, later went back to New England. He was one of two Indian who met the Pilgrim Fathers when they arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1621. Imagine the surprise of the Pilgrim Fathers when Squanto spoke to them in clear English!

Cupids has spectacular walking and hiking trails. One trail takes you to the abandoned communities. of "Deep Gulch" and "Greenland". Another trail takes you to the abandoned community of "Rip Raps" and to the top of Spectacle Head.

The Cuper’s Cove Soiree takes place each year on the 3rd weekend of July. During July 2002 the residents will hold the 9th annual festival.

Cupids Residents in Colonists' Costumes

Guy View Manor B&B;, Skipper Ben's B&B; with Dining Room,and Cupids Museum are members who provice services in Cupids.

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