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The Community of Heart's Content


Heart's Content. the largest town in Lower Trinity South, is located on Route 80 in scenic Trinity Bay. The town was settled by the English in the early 1600's. On the back of the town, there is a large mountain known as the Mizzen Hill. The story goes that the early settlers climbed the Mizzen Hill and looking out saw that the Harbour was shaped like a heart. They were very content living in this beautiful sheltered community and they named it Heart's Content. It has one of the best harbours in the world and gained world renown in 1866 being the landing of the first Transatlantic Cable by the Great Eastern.

Population Demographics:

• Total Population: 567

Industries / Economic Activity:

• The fishery is the main industry, catching crab, shrimp, lump, and squid. Some residents work seasonal at the fish plant in Hants Harbour. Others commute to nearby communities for employment.
Aquaculture - Cod
Construction - Electricians and home construction

Municipal Tax Structure:

• The residential and business tax rates in the Town of Heart's Content are competitive with other towns on the Baccalieu Trail.

Municipal Services:

• Heart's Content became incorporated as a municipality on August 25, 1967. The town council consists of six councilors and a mayor. A copy of the Town Plan can be obtained at The Heart's Content Town Hall.

• Water and Sewer available in most of Town 
• Garbage Collection on a weekly basis 
• Fire Protection Services - Heart's Content Volunteer Fire Department 

Real Estate:

• Average price of a three-bedroom bungalow: $30,000 
• Average rental cost of a house: $300 per month 
• Average rental cost of a two-bedroom apartment: $250 per month 
• Home heating sources available include wood, electric, oil, and propane


• United
• Anglican

Law Enforcement / Crime Prevention:

• Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Harbour Grace Detachment (20 km) - 27 Police Officers / 11 Vehicles 

Education Facilities:

Avalon West School Board 
• Perlwin Elementary - Winterton, Grades k-9
Carbonear Collegiate, Grades 8-12

• Public and Private Post-Secondary Facilities are available in Carbonear and nearby Bay Roberts

Keyin College 
College of the North Atlantic
• Canadian Training Institute
Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL 

Other Services:

• Medical Clinic 
• Ambulance - Winterton (12 km) 
• Senior Citizen's Home - Winterton (12 km) 
• Dentists Office - Carbonear (14 km) 
• Hospital - Carbonear (14 km) 
• Canada Post Office
• Bus transportation to and from St. John's can be obtained in Victoria (12 km)
• Telecommunications (Telephone, Internet and Cellular Service)
• Media Services - Regional and Provincial Newspapers, Cable TV with 24 channels, Community Channel, regional radio station at Carbonear
• Various Recreation Facilities (e.g. Softball field, Recreation Centre, Playground, etc...) 
• Development Organizations (Recreation Committee, Building Committee, Heritage Society, Harbour Authority, and Baccalieu • Trail Tourism Association) 
• Others (church groups, Square Dancing Club) 

Commercial Services: 

• Bank 
• Beauty Salon 
• Convenience Store 
• Grocery Store 
• Liquor Store 
• Library 
• Pharmacy 
• Post Office 
• Restaurant Service Station 
• Auto / Autobody Repair Shop 

Service Organizations:

• Society of United Fisherman 
• SUF Ladies Auxiliary 
• Masonic Lodge 
• Fire Brigade / Ladies Aux. 

For more information:

The Town of Heart's Content
P.O. Box 31
Heart's Content, NL A0A 1Z0
Telephone: (709) 583-2491
Fax: (709) 583-2226


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