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"Forest of Newfoundland"
Hant's Harbour

Photo taken from Hant's Harbour Trinity Bay.

Location: Hant's Harbour

The forests of Newfoundland and Labrador form the most eastern part of the Boreal Forest Region of North America. The forests are relatively small, primarily coniferous trees intermixed with hardwoods.  Due to cool, moist climates, nutrient cycling is slow and poorly drained soils have developed. There are twenty-one tree species in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The most common species found in Newfoundland is the Balsam Fir, a Christmas Tree favorite. 

Did you know? 
Hants Harbour is known as the first place to produce "birch syrup" instead of maple syrup!

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Newfoundland Time: 6/26/2003 4:28:52 PM

M-RON Downhomer