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Trail of the Eagles


For those who love the great outdoors and look forward to an exhilarating three-kilometre hike, through pristine country, atop cliffs that rise to two hundred feet above  the open Atlantic, the "Trail of the Eagles" is a must see and walk!

Just recently constructed around what is known as "Flat Head" it offers visitors an opportunity to observe Bald Eagles that have made the area home for over twenty years.  During July and August whales frequent the shoreline in abundance as they feed on caplin and squid.  Icebergs are not uncommon from March to July.
Birds, including Ruffled, Spruce Grouse, Red Squirrels and rabbits inhabit the area.  Observation posts, look-outs, picnic area and other facilities are available for your convenience.  We are convinced you will find a hike on this trail a rewarding experience!



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