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Saturday, June 7

Community Building on the Avalon Conference -"Rebel Island Productions"
Earth, Wind, Water & Fire : The Elements of Community Making

The �Na Geira�. Was there an actual historical personage named Princess Sheila
Na Geira? Is her historicity as relevant as the manner in which her �presence� has helped to shape the mythos that sustains the cultural life of the area, and hence helps to grow the ties that bind us together as a community? A dramatic puzzle we will not solve, but investigate.

The D�Iberville Raids. In the 17th century, French forces, in the ongoing battle for North America waged between the French and the English, visited our shores. Residents from the entire region, from Brigus onward, gathered on Carbonear Island in Carbonear Harbour, in an effort to withstand the powerful onslaught of D�Iberville�s warships. They did not prevail, but within a few short years the area was recaptured by the British, and rose again to become one of the great fish landing ports in North America.

Fire and Tryphoena Nicholl. If it�s not the oldest, then the volunteer fire department of Carbonear, at age 130, is certainly right up there with the oldest continually operating volunteer service of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador. And fire has played a significant role, unfortunately, in the fortunes and misfortunes of this region. The courage and continuity of the volunteers will be dramatized, culminating in the great Post Office Fire at the turn of the twentieth Century, which claimed the life of Postmistress Tryphoena Nicholl, but not before some acts of outstanding bravery on her part.

Conception Bay North women and the Labrador Fishery. Although their involvement stretches back to the 17th century, we are focusing on the involvement of Conception Bay women in the 20th century, through to the collapse of the fishery in 1992. The strength of character shown by these women will lay the groundwork for us to rise again, as we have done from the times of Peter Easton through to the present.

The Players: Actor/writers Jenny Gear, John Sheehan, Sherry Kean, Rory Lambert, Heather Stone, and Ken Butt. Music, sound and technical production/operation by Shawn Lidster. Directed and dramaturged by Rebel Island Artistic Director Michael Chiasson. With the exception of Chiasson, who just joined the company in February of this year, the core group are all seasoned cultural creators with Rebel Island Theatre.
Presenter: Rebel Island Theatre, the operating arm of Princess Sheila Inc., based in Carbonear, NL. The company has a six-year history of producing professional live theatre, with an accent on regional topics.

Website: http://www.rebelisland.com/


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