Youth Enterprise Camp Rules

Youth Enterprise Camp Rules These are some rules to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable stay at camp!

1. No fighting
2. No swearing
3. Pocket knifes are not allowed
4. Kitchen and basement are off limits to all campers
5. Campers must tell a counselor where they are going if they go outdoors during free time
6. When outside, stay on campgrounds - do NOT wander off!
7. Garbage goes in the garbage bins provided
8. When told, all campers must go inside
9. Everyone's business is their own - nobody can take anything from another camper without asking first!
10. All campers are expected to take part in all activities - if for some reason you don't want to participate, please tell a counselor why
11. Lights out means all campers are to remain in their own rooms
12. Show respect for fellow campers/counselors
13. Tell counselors of any problems
14. HAVE FUN!!!! :