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Job's Cove, Burnt Point, Gull Island

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Job's Cove, Burnt Point, Gull Island
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Job's Cove

Job's Cove, the Droke
Small Craft Harbours, DFO Photo

Sites of Interest
The Droke

Job’s Cove is a fishing community. It was formerly called Devils Cove. The “Droke,” a very steep ravine ( a valley from the road to the beach) is one of the outstanding geological features on the Baccalieu Trail.

Burnt Point

Mouse Hole, Burnt Point

Sites of Interest
The Mouse Hole

Major Events
Burnt Point Days Garden Party

Burnt Point is an attractive fishing community. Photographers love the Mouse Hole, a large hole in a cliff along the shore.

Town of Burnt Point

Gull Island

Gull Island was actually named for the island off shore, which is a small, rocky nesting place for birds, adjacent to the coast. Peg’s Rock is named for Peg Gail, a young woman with a three year old son, who was banished from the community because she had smallpox. The story goes that she walked as far as the rock, then Poor Peg and her son drowned.

Gull Island Shore

Peg's Rock Off Gull Island

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