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Upper Island Cove, Bishop's Cove
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Upper Island Cove

Upper Island Cove

Upper Island Cove is a unique town in its physical location and its culture. Once dubbed as “The Walled City”, Upper Island Cove still provides residents and tourists alike with examples of stone walls that served as boundaries separating one property from another. There are three entrances / exits to the town from Route 70: one through “the Thicket Road” between Harbour Grace and Tilton and two entrances from Spaniard’s Bay including one through the scenic Bishop’s Cove Shoreline and the other through Crane’s Road.

In 1675, the population consisted of 14 men, no women, and no children. The current population is 1774 (2001 census). The residents today have mostly all descended from these early fishermen from England and Ireland.

Since the early days of settlement, music, songs and stories have been handed down from generation to generation. Stories of Fairies or Little People who play evil tricks on inhabitants and ghost stories still abound. Music and song is a very big part of Upper Island Cove and the community is well known for its many musicians, singers and story tellers.

People from the community are know throughout the province for their unique dialogue, their quick wit, and brilliant sense of humour.

Bishop's Cove

Bishop's Cove Shore

The scenic community of Bishop's Cove lies next to Upper Island Cove. It is built on a winding road along the sea shore.

As in many parts of the Baccalieu Trail, the homes seem to cling to the hillside defying gravity and the North Atlantic storms and gales that strike the shore during the winter months.

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