Drug Abuse Statistics


As of 1990 health survey Estimated number of illicit Canadian drug users
Marijuana 1,032,150
Amphetamines (stimulants)

speed - Cadillacs

Cocaine (stimulants)


Barbiturates (sedatives)

downers - reds

Sleeping pills 1,445,010

There is a total of approximately 26 million Canadians using drugs in one form or another. Some of them using more than one drug at a time.

To walk around in a daze not knowing where you are, what you're doing, or even who you are is not what you call a good time.

Let's talk about the drugs that you have probably heard the most about.


Alcohol is the drug of choice of more people than any other drug. That's right! Alcohol is a drug. Its chemical name is ethyl alcohol (ethanol). This drug comes in various forms such as beer, wine, whiskey, brandy, gin, vodka, etc. Alcohol is a legal Drug and, if you're old enough, you can do this drug as much as you want. Most people who use alcohol drink responsibly, limiting their intake, not becoming intoxicated (drunk) and losing control of themselves.

The long-term heavy use of alcohol is both physically and mentally destructive. Physical damage can include appetite loss, stomach pain, convulsions, hallucinations, and death. This is in addition to the destruction of a multitude of brain cells with each drink you take.


Everybody smokes "weed," right? Ain't nothin' wrong with weed, right? It's better than shooting heroin or toot'n coke, right? Wrong! Getting high On marijuana impairs short-term memory, logical thinking, and ability to drive a car or perform other complex tasks. Co-ordination is impaired. What's dangerous about weed is that too many people believe that there is nothing wrong with it. In the long run, weed becomes the focus of the user's thoughts, emotions, and activities. If someone you know offers you a marijuana cigarette, also known as a joint, all you have to do is say "no" or "no, thank you. I don't do that."


Cocaine was the glamour drug of the 80's. Movies, tv shows, books, and conversation are all preoccupied with the subject of cocaine.

For years, cocaine was considered to be relatively safe from undesirable side effects. With so many celebrities dying from cocaine use, this idea is quickly fading. Just listen to this list and see if you recognize any of these names.

The People listed here are celebrities or related to celebrities Role call of death from drug overdoses
Len bias 22 years old

Promising basketball star

cocaine overdose

June, 1986 died

Don Rogers 23 years old

Football player

cocaine-induced heart attack

June, 1986 died

David Kennedy

Son of the late senator Robert Kennedy

cocaine, demerol and mellaril overdose 1984 died
Ronald Roberts

Son of Oral Roberts The evangelist  

suicide resulting from drug abuse

1982 died

John Baluchi


heroin and cocaine overdose

1982 died

Sid Vicious

British rock star, Who killed his girlfriend

heroin overdose

1979 died

Scott Newman

Son of actor Paul Newman

alcohol and pill overdose

1978 died

Elizabeth Anne

Sister of Mary Tyler Moore

overdose of unspecified drugs

1978 died

Janis Joplin

Leading female, Vocalist of the 60's

heroin overdose

1970 died

Judy Garland


sleeping pill overdose

1969 died

Diane Linkletter

Daughter of art Linkletter

jumped to herdeath while on LSD

1969 died

Lenny Bruce

Comedian who influenced a generation

overdose of unspecified narcotics

1969 died

Dorothy Kilgallen

Newspaper columnist

barbiturate and alcohol overdose

1965 died

Cocaine is not harmless--cocaine kills! Cocaine now kills people much easier because of the way people are using it. You've probably heard of "crack" or "rock." By smoking cocaine, you increase your chances of becoming dependent of it Greatly. The more of this drug you do, the more you want. It becomes your whole life. The things that were important to you, i.e., sports, friends, job, school, etc. all become secondary to getting and using cocaine.

Facts about drugs

Let's give you some facts that you may or may not know about drugs.

Impaired driving:




Other drugs:


Most of these drugs are injected into the bloodstream by use of a hypodermic needle and all can cause death.

If you haven't already, you probably will be approached by someone who will try to get you to use drugs. It will be up to you to decide whether you will or won't become involved in drugs.