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To be on time for an appointment?
To get to work five minutes earlier?
Because you want to finish the shopping before you pick the children up?


I drive fast because I'm in a hurry
The difference between driving 80 miles at 60mph and at 70mph is a saving of seven minutes. On an average journey you will probably save less than a couple of minutes by driving like a maniac. Is it worth it?

I have fast reflexes so I can drive faster
Accidents are avoided by anticipation, not reaction. The reaction of a fighter pilot is only 0.4 seconds faster than that of the average driver.

It's slow drivers who cause accidents, getting in the way
The one causing the accident is you, trying to overtake at any price. I have to keep up with the traffic. Driving too close causes at least 10% of accidents. Give yourself room to react.

I've been driving fast for years and never had an accident
You've been lucky. Nearly 80,000 casualties every year thought it couldn't happen to them.

I only speed when there's no other traffic around.
In nearly 20% of accidents where drivers and passengers are killed or seriously injured, no other vehicle is involved.

There's no point in keeping to the 30 limit. If someone steps out in front of you there's nothing you can do
The slower you are going when you hit the brakes, the better the chance a pedestrian will have. Nine out of ten people - even children - survive a 20mph collision, but at 40mph nine out of ten are killed.

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Speed limits are the MAXIMUM safe driving speeds for the type of road and if we all kept to them many lives would be saved.

But driving at safe speed means more than just obeying speed limits. That may still be too fast in some road conditions, especially wet, slippery surfaces and poor visibility.

In traffic, leave a gap of at least two seconds between you and the car in front. Double the space if the road is wet or icy, or in mist and fog.

On country roads, take the bends slowly. Your car may corner well, but you don't know what's round the corner.

Slow down in residential areas.

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