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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as Canada's national police force, is a multifaceted organization with a broad mandate encompassing federal, provincial and municipal policing responsibilities. We require qualified individuals who are community policing-oriented and who are willing to form a partnership with their community in solving problems. Rewarding careers are available as either a regular or civilian member.

The RCMP's Commitment to Cultural Diversity


The Government of Canada recognises cultural diversity as a fundamental characteristic of Canadian society and, as a federal institution, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is committed to providing effective police services that are appropriate, sensitive and equally responsive to all segments of Canada's diverse society.

The RCMP is committed to policies and practices which reflect all laws, regulations and government commitments confirming and dealing with cultural diversity, including all laws prohibiting discrimination on any ground, regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion and gender.

The RCMP is committed to a membership which is representative of Canadian society and to promoting and supporting equity within its employment practices.

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Basic Qualifications

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

To become a regular member (constable) with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, you must meet the following additional requirements:

Candidates must also be in possession of the following pre-requisites before entering into a pre-employment agreement (subject to change):

Regular members perform duties for which police training and peace officer status is essential. As an applicant for a regular member position, you will undergo the following testing designed to assist in the selection of the most suitable candidates:

        RCMP Police Aptitude Test
        Security and Suitability interview
        Medical and Dental examination
        Physical Ability Requirement Evaluation (PARE)

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Training for Regular Members

Successful applicants will be enrolled as Cadets, at which time they must sign a Cadet Training Agreement. As a Cadet, you will undergo an intensive academic and physical training program of approximately 26 weeks, provided at the RCMP's Training Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. The Cadet Training Program is designed to prepare you for some of the challenges that lie ahead. The basics in law, problem solving in community policing, skills such as driving, firearms, ceremonies and tactical training, issues relating to police and public safety are taught. On graduation, you will be hired as a regular member constable. Academy training is followed by six months of on-the-job field training under the supervision of experienced members.


Cadets live in modern barracks at the Training Academy in Regina. Meals are provided. Sports and recreation facilities are available for leisure activities. A canteen, dry cleaning and a laundromat are available on the premises. A chapel is at your disposal to practice your religious faith.

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Salary and Benefits

As a Cadet, you will receive an allowance to cover expenses while on the Cadet Training Program. Upon enrollment, you will receive a salary that is reviewed annually. Members of the RCMP also enjoy a wide range of benefits, which depending on your status as either a regular or civilian member include:

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Postings and Duties

Following successful completion of the Cadet Training Program you will be posted to a contract policing province. The actual province or detachment to which a member is posted is dictated by the needs of the organization, although members are invited to identify their preferences. With more than 700 detachments across Canada in addition to foreign postings and its participation in international peacekeeping missions, the RCMP offers a wide variety of assignment areas to regular members including:

**Several of these assignment areas require several years of general detachment policing**

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Civilian members perform duties that do not require peace officer status. Their duties are usually technical or scientific in nature. Men and women are hired as civilian members for a specific purpose directly related to a particular area of expertise, such as forensic science, computer technology, and electronics engineering.

To become a civilian member, you must meet the basic qualifications and have specialist qualifications or education enabling you to perform required technical or scientific duties.

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Application Procedure

  1. You must participate in an information session. For those outside a major centre, please contact the nearest RCMP detachment.
  2. RCMP Recruit Selection Test (RRST)
  3. Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE)
  4. Interview (suitability and security)
  5. Background investigation
  6. Medical exam
  7. PARE Test (if necessary)
  8. Enrolled as Cadet

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