Groups of positive-thinking adults and adolescents promoting a drug-free lifestyle and self-respect are forming every day.

People helping people have proved to be very effective in combating substance abuse. The focus of these support groups ranges from prevention education to encouragement for drug abstinence by members who have recovered from substance abuse.

The defeat of the alcohol and drug epidemic is only possible through a united effort.

Associations and groups standing ready to give assistance to a person in need are available.

The process for preventing substance abuse consists of building positive attitudes, values, behaviours, and skills. Supporting this process are concerned professionals, lay persons, family members, and friends. If preventive steps are initiated in youth or generated in adulthood, productive lifestyles can be established and maintained.

Prevention includes information, education, and communication alternatives and intervention.

Information research the scope of substance abuse by:

Education effective education involves the teaching and learning process through which a young person develops the following skills:

These skills must also be generated in adults who did not learn them at an earlier age.

Both information and education are the basis for knowledgeable communication.

Communication is an excellent prevention method for all ages. Exchanging information, listening with understanding, and expressing concern are effective tools of communication. Additional aids are: