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Community Programs

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Community Programs

Trinity Conception Family Resource Centre.

The Trinity Conception Family Resource Program is committed to fostering healthy environments for children and their families through a variety of services and programs that are pro-active, reactive  and reflecting needs. Through education, advocacy and support we aim to empower families to become better adjusted, self-reliant, and independant  and by that strengthening the communities in which they live.  The following programs are offered by the Trinity Conception Family Resource Centre:  Drop and Play, Healthy Baby Club, Program for Early Parenting Support, Breastfeeding.


Bay Roberts
Green's Harbour
Spaniards Bay
Western Bay
Old Perlican

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Crime Stoppers, Trinity-Conception branch.

Crime Stoppers is a non profit community-based organization combining the effort of the public, media and police to help solve crimes. The main objective is to obtain information on unsolved crimes.  Crime  Stoppers encourages people to provide tips that can be vital in the successful solution of a crime by offering a cash reward and guaranteeing a tipster's identity remains unknown.

1-800-363-TIPS (8477)

Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers Page

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Victim Services Advisory Committee

Victim Services is a program offered through the department of justice which aims at helping people who have been victim of criminal offences. The services focus mostly on violent crimes. The advisory Committee has for mandate to elaborate strategies to educate the public on issues related to victim services.  This committee was responsible of the organization of the Montreal Massacre ceremony in memory of all victims of crime.

Newfoundland and Labrador Victim Services

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Crime Prevention Committee

This Committees has for mandate to educate and inform the public on all aspects of crime prevention. This committees also provide feedback on how the community perceives the police in the district and determines the needs of the community in relation to crime and crime prevention.    Members of this committee are quite involved in different progams and work at these in partnership with the members of the district.  Please visit there web site for more information.

Harbour Grace and Area Citizen's Crime Prevention Committee

National Crime Prevention Council

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Block Parents Programs:

The block parent program provides an organized method of protecting children and adults and involves all members of the community, including police, government and boards of education.

Harbour Grace
Hearts Desire

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Youth Advisory Committee

This is a group of youths, that meet every month at the detachment to discussed policing/youth issues.  Discussions varies from different issues such as stereotypes, schools liaisons, internet etc...  If you are interested to join this group or required more information, please call the detachment.

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Avalon North Wolverines Search and Rescue Team

The Avalon North Wolverines Search and Rescue Team is a non profit community-based organization combining the effort of trained volunteers and police to help find lost people. The main objective is to find lost people and help the community in time of crisis. The group is on call 24 hrs a day and undergoes regular training.

National Search and Rescue

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Citizens on Patrols (cop)

The citizens on patrol groups are formed of Community volunteers that patrol the streets of the communities to lower the crime rate. The group reports any suspect activities to the police.

Lower Trinity
Port de Grave

Article on Citizens on Patrol

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Conception Bay North Alternative Measure Program

The Conception Bay North Alternative Measure Program is a group of volunteers that deal with first time young offenders. This program gives first time young offender an alternative to the court system by getting the community involved in the process.

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Community Orientation Program About Police (C.O.P.P.)

This is a course offered to the public. The course consists of eight, two � hour sessions. The purpose of the course is to educate citizens about the police in the district and the services they provide.

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Ride Along Program

The Ride Along program enables members of the community to accompany a member of the district during a night shift thus giving that person a better understanding of the duties related to police work.

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Other community relation programs ongoing in the district.

-Members of the district are also involved in School Liaison Program and are regurlarly visiting more than 40 schools. One of the high school shas an RCMP office that is opened once a week. This gives the opportunity to the student population to exchange ideas and concerns.

-A drug awareness program is also in place and presentations are given in schools and  for community groups.

-The Trinity Conception district also publishes a weekly article in the local newspaper called you and your police. This article focuses on police related subject that are of interest to the public.

-Members give monthly radio public service announcements and daily road reports (twice a day)

-Once a year the district is raising funds for the Children Wish foundation through the Children Wish Christmas Tree campaign.

-Once a Year members participate in the drug awareness week and Police week.  

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