The Lower Trinity South Development Association is involved in a variety of activities.

Over the years we have been successful in sponsoring and managing many worthwhile projects such as:

  • Purchased a 50 acre piece of prime agriculture land for the purpose of training/experimental activities (created 2 full-time positions)



  • The construction of a Coastal Heritage Hiking Trail from Heart's Content to New Perlican. This trail offers the eco and adventure tourist opportunity to view the fantastic sites along the shore line as well as whale and bird watching, ocean scenery, and, other spectacular viewing.


  • Spearheading the introduction of a Caribou herd to the Hearts Content Barren lands.


  • Sponsoring a feasibility study for the tourism potential on the Baccalieu Trail.
  • The establishment of a Lifestyle Heritage Museum, Sibleys Cove.
  • The managing and sponsoring of two successful Youth Service Canada Programs that assisted in helping our youth find a career path of their choice and place them on the straight and narrow.
  • Establishment of a Craft Store at the Heart's Content Cable Station that has since been turned over for privatization creating 3 permanent seasonal employment positions.

These are but a few of the accomplishments of the Lower Trinity South Development Association. These goals were set by communities and the process guided by the Association's members.

As part of it's future goals, the Lower Trinity South Development Association believes that it must put together a comprehensive development strategy and use an innovative grassroots approach. We believe that through community partnering and cooperation many things can be accomplished thus turning the economy of Rural Newfoundland and Labrador around.


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