Our Mandate and Mission


The Lower Trinity South Development Association is made up of the grassroots people, and have placed the following as our mandate and mission statement:


The following objectives are a fair reflection of what the people of this region want the Lower Trinity South Development Association to pursue.

  • To improve the social and economic way of life in rural Newfoundland
  • To assist in the creation of a self-sufficient economic base.
  • To ensure the local participation in making decisions that will effect the residents and communities.
  • To provide a forum for open communication and cooperation amongst all individual communities, organizations, and government agencies.
  • To develop the natural and social resources of the area to the benefit of the people through wise acquisition and expenditure.
  • To promote the development of leadership skills in local people.


Lower Trinity South Development Association is committed to strengthening and enhancing the social and economic growth of the region by the human and natural resources and providing residents and communities with the tools to help themselves.


We are not only an office for employment opportunities, we are also involved in:

  • providing information to the general public on various government contacts in different areas
  • resume writing techniques
  • ensuring local involvement
  • motivation
  • regional planning data
  • government programs
  • listening to residents concerns
  • leadership and development
  • project implementation
  • administer funding
  • development agency for the area

And much much more....

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