Our region is the provinces finest scenic coastal driving tour. From the Trans Canada Highway to the tip of the peninsula is approximately 110 kilometers on either shore, and the road follows the coastline quite closely, whether you are in Conception or Trinity Bays. There are about 65 communities spread over the region, so your seldom far from a town or village, and each has its own character and charm. 

The ocean, drokes, coves and cliffs that dominate the view provide unique rock forms and beaches to intrigue visitors, and the relentless sounds of the sea provides tranquility to those stopping to listen. When the massive glacier chunks or ice bergs drift into the bays, they hypnotize visitors and locals alike. These massive natural sculptures are truly intriguing!

Other regular visitors include the great whales, including humpbacks, minkes and others, who follow the diminutive caplin, a tiny fish which "Roll" on the beaches in summer to spawn. It is not unusual to see pods of whales feeding on these caplin in coves in either bay. The rich marine ecosystem also supports a diverse range of sea birds. Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve off the tip of the peninsula is the largest most diverse sea bird colony in North America. 

It is a nesting site for the colorful Puffins, the Graceful northern gannets, gulls, murres and 3 � million pairs of Leaches Storm Petrels. Bald Eagles and Osprey also are common in the region, and nest at remote locations away from communities, but their ranges are quite large.

Moose are quite common sites in bogs and on roads, from time to time, and the recently re-introduced caribou herd is firmly re-established in-land. There are a wealth of other species, excluding snakes, which are not found on the island. 

There are many barren areas in the region, and wild berries flourish in the area. Blueberries, Partridge Berries (Lingonberries), Cranberries and the coveted bakeapples are quite prolific, and usually ripen in August and early September. There are plenty of trails and paths to take you to these areas, including old coastal roads and railbeds, which also feature breathtaking scenery.

The area is also blessed with numerous ponds, lakes and streams, ideal for trouting enthusiasts, and there are several good salmon rivers. Rainbow trout farm in Hopeall has a stocked lake where young anglers are sure to land a prized catch. Smelts are also found in the North and South River area.



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