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The Run Commences at the Lion's Club, Shearstown, follows beautiful scenic run through back country trails, return from New Harbour to The Lion's Club Shearstown.

Hot Food & Dance To Follow

    Keep your pledge sheet in a safe place and return it with your pledges as directed.    Registration Friday night March 4th from 7pm-11pm at the Shearstown Lions club with entertainment or registration and breakfast Saturday morning from 7am-8:30am. We would encourage all participants to register Friday night. registration fee $15.00. If sponsored for 100 dollars or more registration is free with a T.shirt. Plus with $110 or more enter in your name to win a new GPS. Also Raise $500 or more and receive a free run for the Jane way / Labatt Jacket.




 1. Dress warmly with Helmets. Ride at own risk

 2. Ensure your machine is in good working order. carry a spare drive belt, spark plugs, plus the tools supplied by the manufacturer.

 3.Start with tank full.

 4. Parking and unloading areas are available at the starting area of the track.

 5. No alcoholic beverages permitted on the trail.




Buddy Comes To Shearstown!!!


Bring The Kids



Have Fun!


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Anyone willing to help out for this event please call Glen at 709-786-0052 or 709-596-1830







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