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The flightless Great Auk became extinct from Newfoundland in 1844.

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About Us

Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc. (M-RON Inc.) is the lead agency in Zone 17 for Economic Development. M-RON Inc is 1 of 20 Regional Economic Development Boards (REDBs) throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. M-RON Inc. represents Economic Zone 17, the Baccalieu Trail, located on the Bay de Verde Peninsula, which is approximately 1 hour from the province's capital city of St. John’s. The Baccalieu Trail is a rural region representing 68 communities and a population of approximately 42,000. The communities on the Baccalieu Trail are scattered along the coastline and for the most part are small remote communities with an average population of approximately 300. There are several larger communities in close proximity of one another with approximate populations of 4000 - 5000 serving as the hub of economic activity for the region. M-RON Inc. acts as the lead agency for social and economic development for the region and through partnership development is successful in bringing people together in a common effort to share resources and enable long-term sustainability for our communities. M-RON Inc. is an incorporated (March 1996) not-for-profit organization guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and has a professional staff located at its office in Carbonear, NL.

Mission Statement:

Specifically, our Mission is to...

"Identify and maximize the potential of the Baccalieu Trail through the facilitation and promotion of Regional, Social, and Economic development. This shall be achieved through cooperation and consultation with all residents and stakeholders."

Operational Objectives:
The above mission will best be accomplished through:
  1. Open and meaningful participation and ownership by area residents and stakeholder groups.
  2. A planned and systematic approach to the identification and development of potential economic and social development resources.
  3. A strong and viable organization, working together to achieve the aims and objectives of the Corporation as set forth by the membership in the mission statement.
  4. Recognizing the Zone as one region, with its natural resources available to benefit all.
  5. Building and maintaining a strong human resource component through training and education to ensure necessary expertise is readily available.
  6. Operating in a professional manner based on the Performance Contract(s), the by-laws and policies of the Corporation, and the decisions of the membership.

Mariner Resource Opportunities Network Inc.

P.O. Box 520, 22 Goff Avenue
Carbonear, NL A1Y 1B9
Toll Free: 1 866 506-6766
Tel: (709) 596-6217
Fax: (709) 596-4473
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.aroundthebay.ca